TIDE 2015-2016 Scholarship

TIDE 2015-2016 Scholarship report

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) commends 10 students who were enrolled in the TIDE scholarship Program who successfully completed their year High School education. TIDE also congratulates the other 40 students who were promoted to another class.

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In the school year 2015-2016, with the generous support of our donors, namely Marfund and the German Cooperation, Mass Audubon, the OAK Foundation and James Lord, TIDE assisted 50 students in their high school studies.  The students were awarded with book scholarships and/or/school registration scholarships.  The high schools that students attended include: Toledo Community College, Providence High School, Claver College Extension, Julian Cho Technical High and Independence High School.  We are proud of the following students who have shown the determination to successfully complete their high school education and wish them well in future endeavors. 

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The students are as follows:

Graduating from:

  1. Toledo Community College
    1. Julia Cus of San Miguel
    2. Fern Foster of Punta Gorda Town
    3. Nicole Coleman of Forest Home
    4. Alicia Pop of San Pedro, Colombia
    5. Cindy Jacobs of Jacintoville
    6. Preyah Fairweather of Punta Gorda Town

2. Claver College Extension
Julia Ramirez of Hopeville


3. Providence High School
Jacklyn Westby of Punta Gorda Town

4. Julian Cho Technical High School
Allan Young of Jacintoville

5. Graduating from Independence High School
Marcus Xi of Bella Vista


TIDE is grateful to the donors who funded scholarships through our organization. We ask that students who have not returned books and volunteer hours information, submit to the TIDE office by Friday July 1, 2016. For current students on scholarships who returned their books and completed their volunteer hours; we will inform you of a date to come to TIDE to receive your books for the new school year. Please note that this year, we are not accepting any new applications for scholarships.


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