Managed Access Coordinator Vacancy

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) is one of Belize’s leading non-profit, non-governmental organizations working to promote conservation and sustainable development in southern Belize.  Established in 1997, TIDE works with local communities in the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor (MMMC) of Toledo and the Ministries of Fisheries & Natural Resources to manage the Port Honduras Marine Reserve (P


HMR) and Payne’s Creek National Park (PCNP), monitor and protect fresh water resources throughout the district, and promote sustainable development to build the local economy. In addition, TIDE manages ~30,000 acres of private lands that are held in perpetuity for the people of Belize. 


Your primary goal is to assist TIDE, the Belize Fisheries Department and partners with the successful implementation of Managed Access in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and to assist the science department (part time) as a research assistant.


Reporting Relationship

You will report to the Science Director and work closely with the Fisheries Department Managed Access Coordinator for the southern zone, Managed Access technical team and working group, program director, park rangers and science staff of both TIDE and partners. You will be required to maintain necessary contact and excellent working relationship with the PHMR fishing communities, advisory committee, fishermen associations, fishermen cooperatives, community Managed Access Committee and others concerned with the implementation of Managed Access.



For Managed Access your main responsibilities include:

  1. Organize stakeholder workshops, seminars, meetings, exchanges, trainings and forums related to Managed Access Program.
  2. Plan and preparing for Managed Access Committee meetings
  3. Organize community consultations related to capacity- building for fishermen and their associations in Port Honduras Marine Reserve fishing communities.
  4. Coordinate communication and planning among TIDE, MA partners, Fisheries Department and community stakeholders.
  5. Coordinate and moderate meetings with fishermen and community leaders to build support for the Managed Access program and sustainable fisheries in Port Honduras Marine Reserve.
  6. Collaborate with Fisheries Dept. and staff of partner organizations’ scientists to gather scientific and fisheries data for the Managed Access Program at Port Honduras Marine Reserve.
  7. Prepare work plan, budget and monthly reporting of all activities undertaken.
  8. Assist in project progress reporting and documenting of lessons learned in Port Honduras Marine Reserve.
  9. Ensure timely collection, input and analysis of catch data submitted by PHMR Managed Access Fishers.
  10. Spend time with PHMR park rangers and reviewing ranger logs to ensure accuracy of data submission.
  11. Work closely with Community Stewards who mentor Managed Access Fishers.
  12. Participating in training sessions offered by EDF, Fisheries Dept. and other partners.


As Research Assistant, your main responsibilities are:

  1. Ensure accurate and timely data entry for all environmental monitoring activities in both terrestrial and marine programs, and manage activities of data entry assistants (interns, volunteers and/or Community Researchers) to ensure consistent high quality of data entry
    1. Assist with implementation of conch lip thickness at maturity study under guidance from Science Director
    2. Manage marine and terrestrial monitoring databases to ensure accuracy and integrity of digitalized data, and highest protection of server-based source databases.
    3. Assist with fieldwork for both terrestrial and marine programs as required by the Science Director.
    4. Assist with preparing technical content for reports, including graphs, tables, figures and other items.
    5. Provide technical and field support to research projects being conducted by visiting research students.
    6. Assist with data collection for the implementation of  an Adaptive Management Framework (AMF).


Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Enhance the organization’s public relations by actively participating in meetings, workshops, and other activities that are related to Managed Access and the management of the marine resources as required.
  2. Assist with launching of TIDE’s boats.
  3. Perform any other duties as requested by supervisor. 



  • The ideal candidate will have at least three (3) years of management experience with an Associate degree in Natural Resource Management or other related field. 


Other Job Prerequisites:

  1. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Valid Standard Driver’s License
  3. Good organizational skills.
  4. Good leadership and management skills.
  5. Bilingual, e.g., English & Spanish

The deadline for application is March 3, 2017

Please send one complete application package (C.V. with cover letter plus three recent references, including one from most recent employer) before the close of business day on Friday March 3, 2017: Vacancy for Managed Access Coordinator, TIDE, P.O. Box 150, Punta Gorda.  Alternatively, you may send completed applications via e-mail to; or hand deliver to TIDE at 1 Mile, P.G./San Antonio Road, Punta Gorda.

We offer a salary and benefits package that is commensurate with training and experience.

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