Education & Outreach

TIDE’s Education and Outreach Program is designed to empower local residents to be better environmental stewards. We raise awareness of the ways in which the ecosystems of the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor benefit people and the ways in which people can take better care of the ecosystems.

Thanks to proven programs, such as the Freshwater Cup, attitudes and behaviors are changing. For instance, teachers now hear students telling others not to drop litter because it will hurt the Belize Barrier Reef and community groups are carrying out environmental projects independently of TIDE.

Our annual activities include:

  • The TIDE Freshwater Cup, which integrates football with environmental education. In order to participate, each team of school children must plan and implement an environmental project that benefits their community and protects freshwater resources.
  • The TIDE Fish Fest Weekend brings together over 1,000 people every October during the Pan American holiday weekend. It is a celebration of local culture and sustainable fishing that includes a fishing tournament, lionfish cook-up competition, theatre and many other fun-filled activities.
  • Summer Camp gives 150 to 200 primary school children each year an opportunity to participate in educational outdoor activities. They learn to swim, develop teamwork skills and learn about their local environment. Each camp ends with a field trip to a local national park, fostering a love of nature and building environmental awareness.

A recent collaboration between TIDE, ArtCorps and Forest Home Methodist School produced this amazing puppet show!

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