Reef Week

Reef Week is an annual week that is celebrated nationally throughout Belize on March 9th-15th. TIDE participates by increasing community outreach and education with fun festivities and projects for primary and secondary school students. We celebrate Reef Week to honor our historical and cultural connection to the reef, to promote sustainable daily use of resources, and to foster the stewardship of land and sea necessary to keep the reef alive and healthy for generations to come.

Reef Week is made possible by OCEANA and Ecology Project International (EPI)

Schools based in Punta Gorda participated in Coral Reef dramas or skits

Throughout the week we engage school children in art projects, field trips, school dramas, educational presentations, and trash cleanups to increase social awareness and stewardship of the reef. At the end of the week we have a party for the larger community with educational films, presentations, music, and sustainable local food and drinks.

Students from Toledo Community College learn about the role of TIDE rangers in the protection of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve.
At the end of the week we have a Reef Week party for the larger community!


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