Andrew Williams

TPPL Head Ranger

Norman Andrew Williams joined TIDE as a Payne’s Creek Ranger in 2010 after volunteering with us as a community researcher from the age of 15. In 2016 he transferred to TIDE's Private Protected Lands and became the Head Ranger there. He feels his place within the NGO has helped him build his character, mind and confidence. Andrew’s role entails protecting the national and scenic value of Payne’s Creek National Park and one essential aspect of his job is fire management; fire is used to germinate target species within the ecosystem such as Caribbean pine. Controlling forest fires comes down to weather, time, wind speed, assessing fuel load and a LOT of teamwork. Andrew is proud of his country and takes pride in preserving it; he believes tourism is the most important way of spreading information about Belize’s environment and history. Thank you, Andrew, for your hard work and being brave enough to face fire!

Andrew Williams
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