Celia Mahung

Executive Director

Mrs. Mahung is an educator, community leader, conservation activist, and champion of women’s and children’s rights. She was born and raised in the Toledo District, where she resides today with her husband Paul and their three children. Celia’s early career was in education. She earned bachelors and masters degrees in education from the University of North Florida before returning to teach in Toledo, last at the University of Belize as a lecturer and Center Administrator of the Toledo Campus.  Throughout her teaching and leadership career, she has been respected for setting high expectations and obtaining outstanding results. Celia is a founding member of TIDE and served on the board of directors for 6 years. Since 2007, TIDE has benefited from her leadership, passion for Toledo and its natural resources, capacity building expertise, and her vast knowledge of local and national people and customs. Her greatest impact at TIDE has been using innovative ways of engaging communities in resource management.

Celia Mahung
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