Lugie Cruz

Environmental Educator

Mr. Cruz joined TIDE’s Education and Outreach team in 2015. He is from Sarteneja, a fishing village in Northern Belize and has studied in both Belize and in Mexico, possessing Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Education. Previously Mr. Cruz worked as an Environmental Educator at the Belize Zoo and has taught primary and secondary students in Belize and abroad. Mr. Cruz is working with local schools in Punta Gorda town to implement Reef Guardian, an international environmental outreach and education program focusing on developing stewardship for coral reef ecosystems in middle division primary schools. The program began in Australia and has been quite successful in promoting stewardship of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It has recently been adopted in the Caribbean and, serving as the Belize Program Coordinator, Mr. Cruz is helping TIDE pilot Reef Guardian in Belize. He hopes to work with local Belizean youth to inspire passion for the environment.

Lugie Cruz
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